API Customization

API Customization

The Theme Customization API, included WordPress 3.4, licenses specialists to change and add controls to the “Appearance” → “Change” head screen. The Theme Customization screen (i.e. “Subject Customizer”) grants site directors to change a theme’s settings, shading arrangement or contraptions, and see a sneak pinnacle of those alterations dynamically.

The Customizer is a framework for live-seeing any change to WordPress. It gives a clear and dependable interface for customers to modify distinctive parts of their subject and their site, from shades and plans to contraptions, menus, and the sky is the utmost from that point. Themes and modules alike can add custom contrasting options to the Customizer. The Customizer is the acknowledged way to deal with add decisions to your subject.

The WordPress Theme Customization API licenses fashioners to easily engage a ‘Customizer Page’ to their points. The Theme Customizer API is supported from the 3.4 release onwards. The WordPress.org Codex recommends that architects give subject customisation decisions in the Theme Customizer page, rather than giving decisions in a point decisions page.

e WordPress Theme Customization API was released with WordPress 3.4, in 2012. It ensured fashioners an organized technique for including rich decisions points, and customers a strategy for tweaking their site in a, well, straightforward style.

The Customizer API is thing arranged. There are four rule sorts of Customizer things: Panels, Sections, Settings, and Controls. Settings accomplice UI parts (controls) with settings that are saved in the database. Fragments are UI holders for controls, to improve their affiliation. Sheets are holders for ranges, allowing various sections to be amassed together.

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